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Deck Remodel

Deck Remodel

A deck is a great place to gather friends and family and enjoy the natural and architectural beauty of your home and surrounding spaces. But as time goes on, you might decide your deck either looks dated or is in need of repair. That’s where we come in.

At John Mondloch Remodeling, our deck remodel design experts help you create the deck your family and friends will enjoy for years to come! Check out our deck remodel design gallery, or read on for more design tips.

Mondloch Exterior & Additions Deck ProjectMondloch Exterior & Additions Deck Project

Design Ideas

With a deck remodel, you have the chance to design a customized outdoor living space for your lifestyle.

Design trends you might choose to follow include: adding safety features like permanent gates and recessed lighting on steps or play areas for your children, grandchildren or pets; contrasting railing styles, like cable railing with wood decking, or two different types of wood; recessed grills or TVs which can be stored in water resistant spaces; utilizing railing as bench seating; and so much more!

Any idea you might have, our designers can bring to life for your deck remodel. We take the time to listen to your dreams and desires to customize your deck.

You dream it; we build it.

Deck Remodel Process

One of the first things we do is meet with you and discuss what you want to get out of your new deck, whether you just want to refresh your style or need to add function or space as your needs change.

Once your needs and wants are identified, we can ballpark a pricing structure out depending on the features you want.

Then, we can create drawings if needed to plan out the space perfectly, and then execute on your deck remodel. But to start all of this, the first step is to contact our design experts!

Get Started Today!

John Mondloch Remodeling is your locally-owned, premier remodeling and design company. We pride ourselves on our quality and craftsmanship, and can’t wait to put our skills to the test in your deck remodel. We treat your home like we would our own. Contact us to get started today!